Data Science Summer School

Monday, Aug. 28 – Friday, Sept. 1, 2017

Data Science Summer School (DS3is organised by the Data Science Initiative at École Polytechnique,
in the quiet and charming outskirts of Paris.

The primary focus of the event is to provide a series of courses covering the latest advances in the field of data science.

The event is targeted for students (MSc2, PhD), postdocs, academics, members of public institutions, and professionals.

DS3 is composed of

tutorials on selected topics
(5-6h), accompanied with shorter talks (1h) presented by
leading experts of the area1,

a special session on Data Science for Smart Grids, followed by a discussion,

a round table conversation 
on the Future of Artificial Intelligence,

several networking facilities, including poster sessions2, meeting possibilities at the sponsor booths, welcoming cocktail, banquet, shuttle bus3 going to/back every morning/evening from the Polytechnique campus.

It is our great honour to have Philippe Conticini as a distinguished guest on Thursday who will prepare the dessert of the banquet.

Distinguished for both his sweet and savoury efforts, he is considered by his peers and by the media as one of the figureheads of contemporary French and International gastronomy. He is especially concerned with the transmission of emotions through his culinary works and the popularization of such a work on taste.

Statistics of the event:

  • 400 participants
  • 220 students (MSc, PhD) & postdocs, 100 professionals
  • 16 experts (speakers, guests)
  • 30 countries (click on the flags)
  • 6 continents
  • 200 institutions
  • 50 companies
  • 6 sponsors
  • 120 posters
  • female : male ratio = 3 : 10

It is our great honour to have T-shirts at the summer school hand drawn by Vava Dudu.

Sharing the summer school:

1. The opening remarks (9:45-10am) and the first talk on Monday by Yoshua Bengio (Deep Learning for AI, 10-11am) are available for public attendance freely. We suggest to our guests attending these two talks (only) to arrive by 9:15am.
Participants are encouraged to present a poster during the event.
Shuttle buses can be used only by participants who signed up for them.